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No Plastic Bag Campaign

Tāmaki WRAP is kicking off our No Plastic Bag Campaign with an initiative in March 2017 to reduce the amount of plastic bags in our community. The initiative involves working with local retailers and cafés. The retailers are: Salvation Army Op Shop Glen Innes & Panmure, Dove Hospice Op Shop Panmure and SPCA Op Shop Glen Innes.

Visit these shops and get a card; each time you shop at these retailers and you use your own reusable bag instead of a plastic bag you will earn a stamp towards a free DINE IN hot beverage at these participating cafes:  Bridge It Café Panmure, 133 Queens Café Panmure and Tri-Fusion Cafe Glen Innes. (Limited number of cards).

Candace Weir from Tāmaki WRAP says “one of the many reasons why plastic bags are bad is they can easily fly away and end up in waterways. They then break down into micro-plastic that can make its way into the food system. Not to mention the incredible amount of resources used to create a bag that we only use for around 20 minutes then discard”.

The plastic bags also pose a serious danger to our wildlife in our local greenspaces and waterways like Omaru creek and Tāmaki River. Birds often mistake the plastic pieces for food.

The campaign is supported by the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board and Auckland Council as well as the Glen Innes Business Association and Panmure Business Association. Chairperson Josephine Bartley of the local board is really hoping that people will get onboard the campaign and enjoy their cup of free coffee/ hot chocolate or tea. The Campaign is going to be repeated around the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki local board area.

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